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Mother's Day
Bountiful Box Mother's Day in Vermillion, SD | Pied Piper Vermillion Flowers & Gifts
Bountiful Box
Mother's Day
This arrangement is BURSTING with spring color and cheer! Do you need to spoil someone with flowers, because this is it! Gift the rainbow to someone you love today!
Shown at $75.99
Butterfly Garden Mother's Day in Vermillion, SD | Pied Piper Vermillion Flowers & Gifts
Butterfly Garden
Mother's Day
Do you have a butterfly lover in your life?! This is the perfect arrangement for them, gorgeous spring flowers erupting from a iridescent vase that can be used over and over again! These flowers would bring anyone you care for joy!
Shown at $44.99
Shown at $44.99
Very Loved Mother's Day in Vermillion, SD | Pied Piper Vermillion Flowers & Gifts
Very Loved
Mother's Day
Give your loved one an arrangement that screams SPRING! The blush tones and vivid Iris really make this arrangement sing!
Shown at $65.99
Shown at $65.99
Sweet Delight  Mother's Day in Vermillion, SD | Pied Piper Vermillion Flowers & Gifts
Sweet Delight
Mother's Day
This lovely wild flower inspired arrangement is sure to leave any loved one speechless! The vivid blooms in the Mason Jar inspired vase will look fabulous on any desk or counter top!
Shown at $37.99
Azalea Blooming Plant  in Vermillion, SD | Pied Piper Vermillion Flowers & Gifts
Azalea Blooming Plant
Give your special someone something you can grow together. Our Blooming Azalea's bring color to every room! Order today while supplies last. *Bucket not included. Variety of colors available.
Shown at $39.99
Shown at $39.99
Serene Spirit Vase Arrangement  in Vermillion, SD | Pied Piper Vermillion Flowers & Gifts
Serene Spirit
Vase Arrangement
With its elegant charm, Serene Spirit is an exceptional bouquet for any occasion. This arrangement is a vision composed of light pink carnations and roses, peach carnations and spray roses, white tuberoses and ranunculus, and greenery. Send this floral bouquet to someone you love today!
Shown at $75.99
Shown at $75.99
Blushing Blossoms Floral Design  in Vermillion, SD | Pied Piper Vermillion Flowers & Gifts
Blushing Blossoms
Floral Design
Just as sweet as it can be, Blushing Blossoms makes the perfect special treat. With its blushing tulips, lavender daisy poms, dazzling iris, and striking blue delphinium, this arrangement is a stunner. Send this special arrangement to someone special to you today.
Shown at $105.99
Shown at $105.99
University of South Dakota Swag Gift in Vermillion, SD | Pied Piper Vermillion Flowers & Gifts
University of South Dakota Swag
Pied Piper Vermillion is proud to serve the Coyote Community! We have tons of swag in stock for your gift, gift basket, and reception needs! Call 605-659-8022 or stop in the shop to purchase while supplies last!

Custom Flower Design
Custom Flower Design
Let us create a custom flower arrangement for you.
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How do I take care of my flowers once they are delivered?

As your mother is basking in the glory of her new beautiful florals, she will want to preserve that beauty for as long as possible. We have included a few fresh flower care tips to help. Feel free to send her this easy-to-follow guide once her flowers have been delivered.

First things first
If your flowers came in plastic wrapping, you would want to remove the plastic as soon as possible. This will allow the flowers to breathe. Secondly, you will want to give fresh water to your flowers to provide hydration. Place bouquets in a vase of appropriate size or fill your current vase with fresh water. If you need to, you can trim the stem’s ends to fit a vase you have. We recommend cutting flower stems at an angle with a sharp knife.

Where you place your flowers can make a difference
Avoid placing your flower arrangements near areas of extreme temperatures: windowsills, direct sunlight all day, or an overly hot room. Too much heat or sun exposure can cause your flowers to dry out quickly or wilt. Cooler and more controlled conditions will be best to help preserve the beauty of your flowers.

Avoid placing your flowers next to fruit or in the vicinity of cigarette smoke. These can produce ethylene gas which can reduce the life of your flowers and cause them to die more quickly.

Maintaining a beautiful presentation
Keep your flowers looking fresh and displayed beautifully by tending to your flowers periodically.

  • For vase arrangements, keep your vase filled with water. This allows the plants to drink the water they need and provides them hydration.
  • For basket arrangements, we suggest still adding daily fresh water to your flowers.
  • Anytime the water begins to become cloudy, change the water out with fresh water. It would be good to clean the inside of your vase during this change before placing your flowers back into the vase. Using soapy water can help remove bacteria that could cause your flowers to deteriorate more quickly. Then make sure you rinse your vase thoroughly.
  • As wilting leaves or stems occur, remove the strongly wilted contents to allow the fresher parts to be the center of attention.
  • Using a sharp knife, cut your stems at an angle one to two inches from the bottom of the stem. This will help your flowers better absorb water. We recommend avoiding using scissors to cut your flowers. Scissors can crush the stems and hinder the flower from being able to absorb the water.

*Please Note*

We will do our best to duplicate the products shown on our website but due to the floral shortages nationwide we may find it necessary to change the colors or flowers pictured. Please be assured that the value of your flowers is always maintained.

Delivery Policy: We must have a phone number of the recipient on any residential delivery and will call first to make sure someone is home.

Note Card Policy: If your card message is unsigned and the recipient calls and asks who sent the gift, it is our store policy that we will tell them.

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Product Disclaimer

Great care is taken to maintain the style and color scheme of your arrangement.

Depending on availability of flowers and flower color we will substitute the flower, flower color and/or container to achieve an arrangement that will be as similar as possible with what we have available. This includes plants.

If you need a specific flower or have a specific color in mind, please give us a call at 659-8022.


Thank you for shopping with us.